In Memory: 05/27/16

“Dear Officer,
Thank you so much for helping our comeunity all these days. I appreciate that you keep us relley really safe.
your frend,

[Note: that is the best spelling of community I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope this kid is right!]

In Memory: 05/23/16


Dear Euless Police Department,
you are very hard you sode take a brak, and I know that work is a hard job for you and whowhaver barck the law you can fix it and that is why you impotin and in school you tell safty ruals thats is who I like you. u are very nice to popole and that is how people sould respet you and that is a good way and I will like your dog they take care of Baby and they are very playfull and in your Belt you have a lot of cool stuf and you use that stuf only for Big emges and in your car they is a comptur that can chack the Bad gus and put them in jail or give them a tick for Draving fast and that is very cool and you can go fast to cach the Bad gus or the man who is Dariveing fast and if you are in a hur you can chang the light to green when it is on red and you only do that becuos someone brack the law and is very cool and th camers take picase if someone run a red lights and you can charck him down with your compouther it whould be much Easyer then looking and that is now I like and and I went in one of your cars it has a lot of a cool stuf in they and I wish I can be a Police man when I grow up and you are nice and and that make you impotet and you all so save live and that is like a super Hero and that is how you are cool.

In Memory: 05/21/16

“In The Honor of Police Offier David Hofer
I am ┬áThankful for Police Officers because they make us safe they check if people follow the Law. They ┬áMake us away from bad Guy they vist schools to tell detail about what they do And tell who is queit”

[Note: The one person says to the other: Good job following the law!]


In Memory: 05/19/16

“Dear police department
Hello. I realy like your work that you do I think a police is a very importent Job. I know you try your very best. I want to be a police. I have some questions for you. How do you be a police. Next I want to know what do you trane.”