A Story: Welcome to Metropolitan Studies

I have been contemplating if I should submit a story or not for Dave, because I don’t have one remarkable story, but just a collection of fond memories. Dave and I were close friends during college and remained friends after we graduated NYU.  I regret that never really expressed to him how I considered him one of my best friends at that time, and how I spoke highly of him to everyone including my parents and my husband.  He was, and still is, a person that I reminisce about on a daily basis.

The first time I met Dave was during my first day in my new major at NYU, Metropolitan Studies.  I was nervous not knowing anyone since I just transferred into that major (I did not know many people at NYU in general since I transferred from a different college the year before).  I was so anxious that day and arrived to class very early.  Letting my nervousness get the best of me, I announced to the few students in the classroom that it was my first day as a Met Studies major.  Dave responded smiling, “Welcome to the major.  We’re glad to have you!”  Little did I know was that Dave was just playing it cool, and it was his first day in Met Studies too.  Dave and I started chatting and he quickly told me how he wanted to become a police officer.  I could tell he seemed a little hesitant about my reaction, but I told him that my entire family, including my father, was police officers.  After that he was excited to talk to me about his future plans.  During the week I came to realize that Dave was in all my Met Studies classes, and we eventually sat next to each other everyday for 2 years straight.”

~ Diana V., NYU classmate


A Story: Puppy-Love

“Dave was such an enjoyable person to be around. We always had fun joking during class, going out for lunch, watching movies, hanging out just talking, and getting drinks with friends. I remember one time during class I told Dave how I missed my Rottweiler because I could not see her during the week.  After class Dave took me to his apartment on Washington Square to play with his dog Quindy.  Dave was extremely thoughtful like that. I always looked forward to my visits with Dave and Quindy.”

~ Diana V., NYU classmate

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Dave and Quindy on frozen Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Maine