In Memory: 06/13/16

Dear Police station. Thank you for all of the thing for help for making us be safe. thank you for teaching us safty rules at schools and doing traffic on schools thank you very much
Love, Gabby


In Memory: 06/09/16

Dear, Euless Police Department
Thank you for helping our world and our community, thank you because you are keeping us safe from pepole and stragers. and other pepole but my mom and dad arnt relly stanges because  I know them relly well and my friends Thank you.
Thank you! polices
~ Ruhi


In Memory: 06/07/16

Dear eluss police Department,
Why did you give me that Sticker? I don’t know why you gave me the sticker. You should come to my school and say hi. Do you have a police dog?

Thank you saety rules