A Story: A Hot Mess

“I met Dave a couple of years ago at Crunch Union Square, right when he was finishing up the police academy. He came in to train and I was assigned to be his trainer. We hit it off the minute we met. He was one of the funniest and sweetest people I’ve ever known. Our training sessions were always a ton of fun; our conversations were always full of jokes and laughs. I used to nag him about his flexibility and tell him he needed to roll/stretch more frequently or do some yoga. He would respond to his by saying “guys don’t stretch or do yoga…if you make me do that I’m never going to get a girl.” He would follow that with “I’m too big to do yoga or foam roll! I’ll look ridiculous!”

Finally one day I managed to persuade him in to doing Bikram yoga to help his situation. The day of the class he showed up with Jared [now brother-in-law] for moral support! It was a 90-minute class. He tried his best, but it was as he predicted it would be, a hot mess: way too long for such an inflexible person to hold poses and stretch. It was, honestly, hysterical to watch! He hated every minute of it! After the class, he complained of what he called “areas that were stretched that should never be stretched.” Then he said: “See! I told you this wasn’t a good idea!”

This is just one of the many Dave moments I will cherish and remember.

To his family I say:
You raised an incredible human being that touched many lives and will never be forgotten. He will live on in our hearts and memories forever!

Dave, I’ll see you on the other side!

Paola L., former Personal Trainer & Friend


Dave always did better with weights than yoga.

A Story: Spotting Drugs & Eating Well

“So, my fav story with Dave wasn’t at a bar (shocker!). It was when we first got to the 9th together. We would ride together and he would tell me: “Damn, Izzy, how do you spot people doing drugs like that?!” I would tell him when you work in Brooklyn you become good at that. Then, he would say: “Ok you’re good at that, but your eating habits are horrible and you need to lose weight now” (as I stuff my face with Chinese food)! Soon after that my working out with him started. He would make me meet him on my days off at Crunch gym. Because of him I went down from 285 to 200 lbs. Hofer was more than just a cop. He was a friend. There aren’t words to describe him. Hofer was an angel. Off the record lol.”

~ Izzy S., NYPD