Submit Your Stories

We have heard a million amazing stories of my brother. Please submit your stories (the funny ones, the moving ones, the bad-ass ones) as well as your pictures to forhofer @ so they can be featured.

2 thoughts on “Submit Your Stories

  1. Tammy Coach says:

    Thank you!! I know that this pain and loss is still fresh in all the minds of all the Euless Residents and police officers of our city. I didn’t know Officer Hofer but My Husband Don and I grew up here and we are raising our boys here.So to do the right thing and pay our respects to a fallen officer we did go to his memorial as a family.

    Come to find out about a week after his memorial a neighbor of ours told us that he saw David at our other neighbors door. The police were called out because of an issue that was happening at nearly midnight that night. That was like a week before the tragic shooting that took that hero’s life. I wish I would have known it was him. I would have thanked him and the other officer for keeping us safe that night. We Miss you David!! We appreciate all our officers and everyone that keeps us safe.


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