A Note To You

The post entitled End of Watch was the final one I’d queued up for the ForHofer page. Of course, I absolutely encourage everyone to keep sending me anecdotes and pictures but I expect we will have fewer posts from here on out. I know a number of Dave’s closest friends have told me it’s too soon for them to write anything for the blog right now, and I completely understand that. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see those stories in the future!

Collecting your stories, and writing some of my own, has been very important to me as I begun to make sense of this devastating new reality without my brother. It’s allowed me to glimpse some of the parts of Dave’s life that I may not have had access to, as close as we were. I hope you feel the same! It’s been so meaningful to read the letters from community members and the stories from friends and colleagues. I thank each of you for sending those to me and my family. They mean the world.

To make it easy to access the stories, I’m including links for all of them here in a kind of index (starting with the most recent). I will definitely be going back to them frequently and I hope you will to. I didn’t include the “In Memory” notes from the kids, but those can always be found easily.

MARCH 2017
A Story: Just Checking
A Thought: One Year Today

A Story: Surprise
A Thought: The Euless Police Department Awards Banquet
A Thought: The Coming Days

A Thought: Christmas

A Thought: 8 Months Gone

A Memory: On Maine Winters
A Thought: On Strength
On Your Birthday
Birthdays Without You

A Memory: Maine Summers
A Memory: Summers in Spain
A Memory: The Best Deal Of My Life
A Memory: Bottles & Dinosaurs

JULY 2016
A Story: The Legend of Stonewall
A Thought: “Don’t fear us. Don’t hate us.”
To the Families of Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa
A Story: The Open Door

JUNE 2016
A Story: A NYC Coincidence
A Story: Cousin-Love
A Story: End Of Watch
A Story: First Meeting Onward
A Story: Pretty WoMAN
A Story: On Missing The Last Train Out
A Story: Making Moves
A Story: My Dear Friend Dave
A Story: A Smile
A Tribute: Official NYPD Memorial Run Pics
A Tribute: Three Months Gone (And A Slideshow)

MAY 2016
A Story: Omas And Opas
A Story: Selfies
A Story: Taking The Jump
A Tribute: A Lifetime of Light
A Story: Random Bits
A Story: Workouts, Fast Food & Zero-Calorie Beverages
A Tribute: The NYPD Memorial 5K
A Story: Jaeger
A Story: Muffin-Interrupted Gaming
A Story: Ba-Bow! [Strikes Pose]
A Story: On Cozying Up
A Story: On Avoiding Overtime
A Story: “Seriously, Bro, What Do You Do?”
A Thought: On Openness
A Thought: To Our Heroes
A Story: Making It Through The Rookie Years
A Story: Mickey’s Adoption Adventures
A Thought: On Funerals
A Story: No Drinks That Night
A Story: Walking Besides Us
A Thought: On Doing Better
A Story: A Merry Christmas

APRIL 2016
A Story: Line Of Duty Decorating Injuries
A Story: Bringing Fireball To The Big City
A Story: Political Discussions A La Hofer
A Tribute: On Valuing Bonds
Responses To “My Brother Was Killed Because He Wore A Uniform”
A Story: Bar Life & Paying It Forward
A Story: How To Save A Life, Part II
My Brother Was Killed Because He Wore A Uniform
A Story: #904
A Story: Chaos In The East Village
A Story: About Commitment
A Story: Stressed St. Michael
A Tribute: About Yankees & Hillbillies
A Story: Lobster Collaboration
A Story: A First Winter Getaway With The Hofers
A Tribute: A Letter
A Story: Welcome To Metropolitan Studies
A Story: A Night In Texas
A Story: On Tattoo Sleeves & Solidarity
A Tribute: From The Wife Of An Officer
A Story: On New Friendships & Squeezing Into Mustangs
A Tribute: At The Dollar Store
A Thought: Beauty & Sadness
A Story: Firsts
A Tribute: At The Car Wash
A Story: Too Fancy For A Rookie
A Story: Easiest $20 Ever
A Tribute: 9th Precinct Recognition Ceremony
A Tribute: Becoming A Superhero
A Story: You’re Done…Turn In Your Badge And Gun

MARCH 2016
A Story: A Hot Mess
A Story: How To Save A Life
A Tribute: Fort Worth Officer Down 5K
A Story: My Safety Net
A Story: You Are Euless Now!
A Story: Puppy-Love
A Tribute: Keeping On Keeping On
A Story: The Fireball Discovery
A Tribute: A Photo Story
A Story: Spotting Drugs & Eating Well
A Story: A Family’s Tragedy
A Story: Honor Guard Training
A Story: A Case of Mistaken Identity
A Thought: Changing Lives
A Story: Smoking Adventures
A Story: About Guns And Wheelchairs
A Story: Rules of Seniority & Mustaches
A Story: Mickey Takes Over
A Story: A Hobby in Common