A Story: Just Checking

Below is a comment that was posted to one of the previous stories I wrote. It struck me because I’m always amazed by these little anecdotes. They make me realize that we can never know the true extent of the impact Dave had on the community, and more generally, the impact our officers have on the communities they serve every day. Thank you for sharing, Marilyn.

“My daughter remembers him checking on her once. She and her boyfriend were at a cell phone store, my daughter sat outside in her car alone with her head down looking down at her phone…she was in a sad frame of mind at the time. Then, she said she felt “that feeling” of being watched when she looked up and parked next to her was a Euless PD vehicle. He had been there for a few minutes he told her. He said he just felt concerned and wanted to make sure she was ok….It was Dave. His smile and concern for her made it all ok.

On the day he was taken away, she saw his picture and recalled that day, his big smile and kind words…We all lost a good friend that day…Maybe we didn’t know him personally but with my daughter, that one interaction, the kind hearted concern…We will forever miss that and think of him. Out hearts go out to you and to all his family.”

~ Marilyn, C.

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