A Story: Workouts, Fast Food & Zero-Calorie Beverages

This is part 6 of a longer note I received from Bryan R. about the Dave’s “humorously paradoxical lifestyle” as Bryan so nicely put it. For related posts see: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5.

“When I visited Dave in TX, most work-out sessions never came to light. “I haven’t gone to the gym in two days, I have to go today.”  Yet, somehow, the car would veer off at the nearest What-A-Burger…and eventually home.  Though if you consider that a forearm workout, by all means!

We used to laugh at how broke we might have been some weeks, yet that never stopped us from heading out on the town and ending it with a whole assortment of McDonald’s drive-thru items, which ran us to our very last penny.

Dave liked to drink vodka-soda’s.  He called it water.  “Zero calories.”

Bryan R., NYPD


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