A Story: Muffin-Interrupted Gaming

This is part 4 of a longer note I received from Bryan R. about the Dave’s “humorously paradoxical lifestyle” as Bryan so nicely put it. I decided to make it into a few posts that will be posted in the coming days. For related posts see: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

An avid fan of video games, Dave loved to ‘game’ in multiplayer atmospheres.  Some games he salivated over, and I’d expect a text from him stating ‘Game’ nearly every afternoon, like clockwork, as if it were an order.  Though he could not WAIT to continue his gaming experience, after nearly five whole minutes of playing, Dave would say, “Marta’s home, got to go!” and leave me with air in my headset (only because he wanted to spend more time with his ‘Muffin’).

~ Bryan R., NYPD


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