A Story: BA-BOW! [strikes pose]

This is part 3 of a longer note I received from Bryan R. about the Dave’s “humorously paradoxical lifestyle” as Bryan so nicely put it. I decided to make it into a few posts that will be posted in the coming days. For related posts see: Part 1; Part 2.

“As we all know, Dave was a workout-buff.  Most workouts ended with cardio-activity (staying fit and keeping his stamina up was important), and a protein shake.  We would head into work right after a gym session, and he’d rather quickly head off to eat a hearty meal (and not always the healthiest).  He’d explain,”Dude, I have to add more inches to my arms.  You don’t get this big by doing nothing BA-BOW!” followed by his trademark bicep pose.  Good luck to seeing him run three blocks, however…

His first apartment in Texas was situated roughly 20 footsteps away from a Sam’s Club.  I would understand him having to drive over in order to fill his trunk with packages: they sell in abundance.  Yet, I scratched my head when he forced me into his car and take a drive in order to purchase “American Sniper” on DVD.

~ Bryan R., NYPD

1237988_10102223521312269_516311834_n copy.jpg

BA-BOW! Being silly on my 30th and Dave’s 27th Bday

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