A Story: “Seriously, bro, what do you do?”

Here is another gem submitted by an officer of the Euless PD. I think what speaks to me about this story is that we can see the ease with which Dave was able to build a rapport with everyone around him. No doubt he had tremendous substance and showed the utmost care to those around him. But, he was able to make an impression in even the most superficial of interactions with his clever and absolutely hilarious sense of humor. Thank you Steve for sharing this side of him with us once again.

I’d like to start by saying that I am truly amazed and admire all your guys’ strength, especially my awesome NY brothers here that had to endure and continue the grind.….lots of love & respect to each of you!

Anyhow, I think the reason Dave and I got along so well is because we share similar values in our approach to law enforcement.  Mine came from when I went through my police academy.  There was a Texas Highway Patrol Sergeant who taught us our traffic laws, and on his last day he told us something that stuck with me forever.  He told all of us to be humans first and police officers second, and if we remembered that he guaranteed we would be successful in our careers.  With that mentality it wasn’t hard to notice how Dave treated the people he arrested and how he spoke with them. 

Unfortunately, I’m a better story-teller than I am a writer so you’ll have to excuse my spelling and grammar, but here goes.…… 

The first time I met Dave was when he was in training.  He and his training partner were leaving the jail as I was going in.  His partner told me he was another New York Officer so I said in my best Joey Tribbiani accent “how youu doiiin.”  He just gave me a head nod and I guess he didn’t really know how to take me.  So, I introduced myself and told him unless he was like his brother Donny and wrote “Foogaysie Tickets” (fake tickets) we’d probably never see each other.  At that point I caught his interest because that’s when he gave me his goofy smile and asked me what I did.  I told him I was the warrant officer and worked for the court.  Since they were leaving I kept it short and ended with “Eh freagin fugedaboudit” like Tony Saprano would say.  He just laughed shaking his head. 

Now let’s fast forward to the second time I ran into Dave, by this time he was out of training and on his own.  As I was walking in the jail and saw Dave I said, “yo you take care dat thang?”  That’s when Dave looked at me with that goofy smile again but this time he said: “seriously, bro, what do you do?”  Never in a thousand years would I have ever guessed that stupid little question would’ve established such a quick, sweet, and messed up friendship that would later cause so much heart ache.  You see after I explained to Dave my position being permanently attached to the city court doing prisoner transports, bailiff twice a week, work Class C warrants, research for the judge & clerks, and especially the hours I work (M-F 8am-5pm, off weekends & holidays); I could tell it really peaked his interest because he immediately asked me, “bro, how can I get that job?”  I told him I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I wasn’t willing to give up an easy gig. 

From that moment on every time Dave saw me, he would ask me questions like, “bro, when you gonna retire?”  The more I saw Dave the braver he got and made comments like, “bro, you’re getting old. You need to go ahead and retire so you can enjoy it,” or one of my favorites, “bro, you don’t look so good. Maybe it’s time to hang it up.”  Eventually, we got so comfortable with each other that one day when Dave saw me he simply said, “fak you still heay!?!”  I started belly laughing so hard that I couldn’t even tell him I was pretty sure he said it wrong.  Funny thing is it never mattered how much we would bust on each other because we always laughed and ALWAYS ended with, “Later, Bro.”

I realize our friendship wasn’t long or very deep but nonetheless it was special to me, and God only knows what I wouldn’t do to give him my slot……….

You’re Always With Us.

~ Steve R., Euless PD

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