A Story: Mickey’s Adoption Adventures

Remember how Mickey took over, later to be referred to as Dave’s “main man?” Read on to find out more about how their first meeting was actually like.

“I had the honor of working with David for several months.  He was so kind and a pleasure to supervise.  When we started working together we had 2 objectives: keep the peace and find a dog Marta would fall in love with.  Within a few days “Mickey” found his way to the Euless shelter.  I stopped by the shelter to pick up some supplies for my fosters and was informed about the new arrival.  When I saw Mickey I knew he would be perfect for David and too cute for Marta to resist. I could not wait to text David and share the good news but Mickey was stinky and had not been taught basic dog manners, so I was going to wait a few days before telling him.  Mickey was introduced to his foster sisters and became the perfect foster brother.  After a bath and 2 days of practicing his manners I sent David a photo Mickey.  He replied, “Will you be home tomorrow?”  I told David I was available and he said he would come in the morning around 10, and he wanted to bring Mike S. because he was looking for a dog too.

Lyn G. and I were training for an upcoming race and needed to complete 5 miles that day.  I told her we would need to start early because David was coming to meet Mickey.  As luck would have it the following morning the rain was pouring down so Lyn and I drove to Grapevine Mills Mall and completed our miles inside.  I knew when we left I would have time to get home and make sure Mickey was ready to meet David.

Oddly enough when I walked out of the mall I realized I locked my keys in my car.  In a panic I told Lynn to start walking – it was 3 miles to my house and if we hurried we could beat David and Mike.  It was raining, cold, and hard to keep a fast pace. About a mile away my phone rings – it was David and he was at my house. I asked him to please come pick us up.  When I got inside the car I told David and Mike I was sorry for smelling like a goat but my deodorant stopped working about 3 miles ago.  David said, “Uhh speaking of a goat…do you have one in your backyard?”  I said, Noooo and he told me when he was at my house he heard something making a noise like a goat.  I knew Mickey had to be up to something so before David put his car in park I was running towards the door – I first noticed a pillow Mickey had destroyed all over the house – I followed the pillow trail to the backyard and immediately heard the goat sound.

I could see all the dogs but Mickey so when I turned the corner to view the pool area there was Mickey in the deep end of the pool hanging on to the side for dear life communicating his distress with goat sounds.  There was no hiding the stuffing from the pillow or the fact Mickey was in the pool so I screamed, “David, HELLLP!”   David reached down and pulled Mickey from the water.  I will never forget the look of David standing there holding that silly dog.

As far as an introduction it was a disaster and I told David I did not know what to say.  He only looked confused and said, “What?! He is perfect.”  David asked if I would keep Mickey until he and Marta moved into their home.  So over the next few weeks I loved on Mickey while David worked his magic on Marta.  David would instruct me to send lots of pictures of Mickey so he could share them with Marta.

On December 15, 2015 David and Marta arrived to take Mickey to his new home.  I forgot David had told Marta this was a “trial” period with Mickey but when she saw her address on Mickey’s dog tag she just smiled.  I watched Mickey drive off with two of the most precious people I have ever met.  Mickey continued to be mischievous, Marta continued to be patient, and David was so proud of the dog he rescued.”

~ Kim P., Euless PD

Mickey and my Bro.jpg

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