A Story: Line of Duty Decorating Injuries

“As I sit and read all of these touching stories about how Dave impacted so many lives, I can’t help but smile. I met Dave about a year ago when I started working at American Airlines Credit Union in Euless, where he sometimes worked as an off-duty officer. Although, the off-duty job was removed in January, we still consider the EPOs our family. We learned so many new things about each and every one of them, like what they liked to do for fun and what their favorite food was – just silly stuff. We even have nicknames for a lot of them.

As for Dave, he was the officer that was always smiling with a book in his hand. When I first met Dave he seemed very quiet and shy but as I got to know him he was far from it! Dave was super sweet and always willing to help. He would help us decorate for what we call “spirit contests” and he would tease about the possibility of getting hurt on the job for hanging up cotton clouds haha. We only knew him for a short while but he is truly missed. We have his memorial picture hanging in the hallway at the branch to give us a bit of comfort. It had been a while since he last worked with us, so at least now we can see his picture and remember him cracking a joke behind his book. I speak for all of us at the credit union when I say that we will always remember him for each and every one of his great qualities.”

-Melody E., AAFCU-HTC


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