A Story: Bringing Fireball To The Big City

Remember how Dave and friends discovered Fireball Whiskey in Rangeley, Maine? Well, here’s the current theory about how Fireball then took over NYC.

“Some time after our trip to Maine (and our first introduction to Fireball), I went shopping somewhere and saw a bottle of Fireball. Since Dave was in love with this stuff, I bought him a bottle. The next time we met up I made sure I brought the bottle. This was right after he was done working out at the Crunch in Union Square and before he was a full time Bar None patron; so we went to Forum down the street. Dave met with the manager and someone else who I can’t remember but a friend none the less. Dave had to share his love of Fireball so much that he proceeded to give out samples of it to the Manager and a couple other bartenders at Forum. A few more samples and drinks later we went to Bar None. Of course Pam was there so she also got to try Fireball. Today, there is a cold Fireball shot dispenser at Bar None and you can find it everywhere in the city, so I feel that Dave was responsible for bringing Fireball to the people of New York…one more service he provided to the eight million people who live here and call this city home.”

~ Tim H., NYPD

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.50.36 PM

Proof of the Maine Fireball Discovery and Dave’s reaction


Fireball Shot Dispenser at Bar None. Coincidence? I think not.

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