A Story: Political Discussions A La Hofer

This ridiculous / hilarious post is by a fellow mathematician colleague of our dad’s. In fact, this happened just days before Dave was ambushed, when we all gathered in New Jersey to surprise our Dad for his 60th birthday. Hey, we all know Dave had an amazing sense of humor, so don’t judge! It’s not always about saving lives.

“David was always lots of fun to hang out with  and I always looked forward to his visits to Princeton.  I work with Dave’s dad at the Institute for Advanced Study, so while I know lots about math, I don’t know much about popular culture.  David always enjoys teasing his mom about her ultra liberal politics and we were discussing Trump and speculating why Christie came out in support of him the day before.  David told us he was convinced it was because Christie hoped Trump would make it illegal to discuss his moose knuckle.

I asked what this was, and David explained it was the male version of camel toe.  Being somewhat knowledgeable, I understood the camel toe reference, but neither did Helmut or Sonja.  I was then tasked with the job of explaining camel toe to them, with hilarity ensuing.  We then all googled for Christie’s moose knuckle, and found the image even more horrifying than we had imagined.

Naturally, Dave laughed somewhat maniacally as the expressions on our faces turned to horror and disgust.  Also, I should mention that throughout this fun political discussion Dave was wearing a red white and blue sequined cowboy hat, to underscore his unique perspective.

My mother in law is currently visiting this week, and the conversation turned to the ridiculous state of politics.  Without remembering why moose knuckle was on my brain, I showed her the picture of Christie.  My husband started to scold me for tormenting his mother, but I realized that this was the last thing that I learned from Dave.  This instantly got me off the hook – in exactly the same manner that Dave’s smile and laugh could.”

~ Jo N., Institute for Advanced Studies




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