A Story: Chaos in the East Village

“Many of our nights on Patrol consisted of Dave and Mike in a car, and Ryan and I in another. We became each others’ life line when responding to stressful calls and we always knew that when Dave and Mike were backing us up, everything would work out… I cannot count the number of disturbed people we wrestled together or countless times of meeting up in Tompkins Square park just to see each other and exchange a few moments of words, during our sometimes chaotic and endless nights in the East Village. Dave was a truly blessed soul to work with with, who brought nothing but smiles and laughs and I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

On one occasion, I was responding to a psychotic man locked inside the McDonald’s bathroom on 3rd Avenue and Saint Marks Place. I was not working with my usual partner, and the person I was with was not very vigilant nor observant at that point in time. I pretty much was by myself and encountered a wild man in the bathroom who was spitting and foaming at the mouth and acting very violently. The partner I was with was behind a seas of observers and not being attentive, and there happened to be some volunteer auxiliary police present, but were not adequate in their ability to help me, so I took a deep breath and prepared to wrestle the man by myself. As I was about to grab the man, I felt a grab on my shoulder and someone saying, “What the hell! You’re alone, bro??”, and as I turned around, I felt a wave of relief to see Dave and Mike who gave a quick glance around and understood why I was acting independently. I felt the feeling of support immediately as the three of us quickly subdued the man without incident and we laughed and complained afterward.”

~ B.B., NYPD

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