A Story: About Commitment

“I knew David to be one of the most engaged people I knew.  He “whole-assed” everything he did.  When he played video games… he became good (never liked losing).  When he built computers he followed through with the best-researched top of the line parts.  When he worked out he lifted heavy and often.  When he went to college he went to NYU and graduated with a very good GPA.  When he decided to become a cop he did the auxiliary police force as a bicycle cop up until he had his driver’s license and then went to the academy.  When he said he wanted to go somewhere nicer he moved to Texas.  I was always a bit in awe and impressed by his forward momentum.  I can say, he was one of the only people in my life that I wanted to actually impress.”

~ Greg T., Friend


Dave as an auxiliary in the 6th precinct (NYPD)

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