A Tribute: About Yankees & Hillbillies

I received this note from a Euless community member who met David through his work on multiple occasions. Thank you for sharing.

“I worked with David so many times that we started to know each other on a more personal level outside of work. I was a wrecker driver at B&B Wrecker Service. I didn’t know a lot of the officers by name – just by their faces. But, he knew me by name.
Not long before his passing he was called out to my mom’s house because some new people moved in next to them and they have a really big dog that never stopped barking. My mom told him I worked for B&B and he knew exactly who I was. She playfully asked if she could shoot the dang thing with a BB gun lol! He joked what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

When we would work a scene together it was always the same greeting. I would say: “What’s up, Yankee.” His response was: “Not much, hillbilly.” One day, I finally asked him what brought him to Texas. His response was that he wanted to live longer, that the streets of New York are pretty dangerous. He also mentioned some other things, like that he wanted to start a family with his fiance. But, that’s the main thing that stuck in my head. When I heard there was a shooting a prayed it wasn’t him. Then I got the word and my heart just sank.

I pray for all the men and women that risk their lives everyday to make this world a safer place for us to live. God bless you all and thank you for all the sacrifices that you make.

Officer Dave Hofer, it was an absolute pleasure and honor getting to meet you. And, I thank all the other cities that came together to make his memorial service possible.

~ Daniel R., Resident

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