A Story: Lobster Collaboration

“This was during our first trip to Maine in Winter 2012. One night at the house I had the idea that I was in Maine and should have lobster. So when we went to the store for our daily Fireball run and we grabbed lobsters for everyone at the house (they were IGA lobsters but I didn’t care). After googling a recipe on how to cook lobsters, Dave, Mo, Greg and I set out to get this done. It took four of us to cook the dang things between watching the water and cutting the rubber bands off the claws and whatever other disasters we were trying to avert. However, even with the four of us working on these lobsters we managed to lose track of one of the rubber bands…we found it later when the burner to the stove caught on fire and proceeded to burn the side of the pot permanently…we still haven’t told Mrs. Hofer.

Finally dinner was ready and no one had a clue about how to eat a whole lobster. Everyone had only had a tail before but never the entire thing. Needless to say it was a mess…also we didn’t have or couldn’t find a nutcracker to get into the shell. We ended up stabbing the lobsters with butter knives in order to crack the shells open with shell bits flying everywhere. Eventually, Dave finished his lobster…or so he thought. Upon realizing that there was extra meat in the lobster his face lit up like a kid on Christmas Morning. The look and sight of him trying to get the tiniest bits of meat from the lobsters legs and claws is something that stays with me to this day.”

~ Tim H., NYPD

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