A Story: Welcome to Metropolitan Studies

I have been contemplating if I should submit a story or not for Dave, because I don’t have one remarkable story, but just a collection of fond memories. Dave and I were close friends during college and remained friends after we graduated NYU.  I regret that never really expressed to him how I considered him one of my best friends at that time, and how I spoke highly of him to everyone including my parents and my husband.  He was, and still is, a person that I reminisce about on a daily basis.

The first time I met Dave was during my first day in my new major at NYU, Metropolitan Studies.  I was nervous not knowing anyone since I just transferred into that major (I did not know many people at NYU in general since I transferred from a different college the year before).  I was so anxious that day and arrived to class very early.  Letting my nervousness get the best of me, I announced to the few students in the classroom that it was my first day as a Met Studies major.  Dave responded smiling, “Welcome to the major.  We’re glad to have you!”  Little did I know was that Dave was just playing it cool, and it was his first day in Met Studies too.  Dave and I started chatting and he quickly told me how he wanted to become a police officer.  I could tell he seemed a little hesitant about my reaction, but I told him that my entire family, including my father, was police officers.  After that he was excited to talk to me about his future plans.  During the week I came to realize that Dave was in all my Met Studies classes, and we eventually sat next to each other everyday for 2 years straight.”

~ Diana V., NYU classmate


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