A Story: A Night In Texas

I severely missed Dave when he moved to Texas,  but when I visited him I couldn’t be more proud of him.  His apartment was great; he was talking of buying a house soon; him and Marta got engaged; he was telling me of how much he was respected; and all the great opportunities.  He then went on to start telling me over and over to move down there and do my work in Plano.  My favorite night in Texas was when David, Jesse, and myself were on his balcony with some cigars.  We talked about each others’ lives and what we saw for each other going forward.  That scene sitting and smoking cigars with him cracking jokes, and giving advice, is how I imagined how we would be when we grew old together.

David meant a lot to me.  Always someone I could reach out to hang out with, game with, or just talk to.  A friend asked me if there was someone who had my back unconditionally without judgement.  I quickly responded that I was pretty sure David had my back.  He had always been there for me and was like a big brother to me.”

~ Greg T., Friend


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