A Story: On Tattoo Sleeves & Solidarity

“I had the privilege to be one of Dave’s training officers when he came to Texas. There wasn’t much to teach Dave because he already knew how to be a cop. I just needed to train him in our procedures and navigating around the city.

This proved to be the biggest task because Dave would get lost as soon as he left the PD parking lot, but he picked it up very quickly.

Dave had to wear a sleeve on one arm to cover up his tattoos. This made him miserable in the Texas heat. One time at lunch he said “I can’t take it anymore” and pulled it off. I just laughed and told him to put it back on once we finished. To show support for him as his FTO [Field Training Officer], I wore one of my sleeves with fake tattoos on it into the PD and said: “If Dave has to wear one, then I wear one!” 

Once he finished training I got to work on the same shift with Dave and would chat with him at times, always with me ending up laughing. Dave made the work more fun and I regret not getting to know him better.

I have been touched by the many stories of Dave and how he impacted so many people. I hope that we can all become better people and officers because of him. RIP Bro.”

~ David P., Euless PD

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