A Tribute: At the Dollar Store

“It was Saturday March 5th and I was heading to Bedford to attend the Service for Officer Hofer. I looked for a store close by to purchase some stuff to make a poster for my nephew to display… I stopped at Family Dollar on Texas 10. I got all the stuff I needed and headed to the register to pay, the man at the register making small talk with my nephew said “it’s poster time” to which I replied: “Yes, we are heading to Pennington field for the service for officer Hofer.” He said: “Oh! That’s just heartbreaking.” I said: “Yes it’s very unfortunate so we want to do anything possible to show support.” The man¬†said: “he used to come in around Christmas time to check on us, we’d been robbed before and he just wanted to check on us.”

I didn’t really know what to say. I got a little bit choked up because although I never met David, it’s those little things that people will remember him by. The good he did around the community, that’s what any good officer strives to do. I’ve read the other stories and it’s almost like all of us who didn’t get to meet him while on patrol are doing so through these stories. Now this is not a personal story but I thought I’d share given that I’m sure it is one of many similar selfless things David did just because that’s who he was, a great police officer. Rest in Peace Ofc Hofer.

“Heroes live forever.”

~ Melissa M.,


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