A Story: On New Friendships & Squeezing Into Mustangs

“I never got to work next to Dave, but I knew him from passing in the mornings when he was starting his shift and I was leaving. I always knew he was a character and fun to be around and I wanted to get to know him better. Luckily, in November 2015 we took a mental health training class together for a full week. We didn’t know the other was going so it was cool when I showed up and someone I knew was sitting there with Starbucks in hand.

We got to talking during lunch breaks and we both learned we loved history. We actually both had direct ties to WWII, specifically Germany. Both of our grandfathers lived there at the start of the war and then became part of it. It was so neat learning more about him and how he was so excited because they had just bought the house.

I won’t forget during a lunch break that week we decided to meet Billy M., his old NY sergeant  and now a Euless Officer. He asked if I wanted to drive and I said I can, but he would have to squeeze into my mustang. His eyes got big and said, “Bro, i was thinking about buying one like yours. I’ll fit in!” Well, that was a sight to see: me all 5’6″ getting in easily and him all 6 foot-something slowly squeezing in. It was a fun ride, but I guess Marta had the final word when he bought his new VW!

Dave, I’m definitely going to miss that laugh and your humor. I was so glad I was put in that class with you. I felt our friendship was just getting started, until it was ripped away from myself and so many others. Rest easy, bro.”

~ Tim B. Jr., Euless PD


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