A Story: Firsts

“I grew up in a household with my mom, my sister, and my grandmother.  I hadn’t had much male influence in my life.  And, I had so many first experiences with David.  When he took me to his family’s house in Maine, I drove a vehicle for the first time.  It was a snowmobile and I was very excited to ride it.  I smoked a cigar for the first time.  Back in the city, I tried dip for the first time with him (it floored me!).  And in Texas, he took me and our friend Jesse to a gun range, where I fired a gun for the first time.

David always wanted to share the experiences he had in his life with me.  He always called me to join him in whatever he was doing.  When I was in college, he asked me to be an auxiliary with him and when he became a NYPD cop he asked me to join the police with him.  I said “No”, but he asked so many times and told me of all the confidence he had gotten, all the brotherhood, all the experiences good and bad, the feeling of making a difference, and that he could make it so we could work together, that I eventually took the police test.  Honestly, the biggest thing that got me to take the test was the idea that I could work along side him… it sounded pretty fun.”

~ Greg T., Friend

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 8.18.42 PM

Greg, Dave and Pam

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