A Story: Too Fancy for a Rookie

“We arrived at the same precinct for our rookie training, which was the Midtown South Precinct. At this point of our career, we were ensuring everything in our power to lay low, stay out of trouble, finish our probation and possibly get noticed for successful accomplishments. It truly wound up feeling similar to a kids camp, where we scurried around anxiously like mice, writing summonses and being micromanaged. I remember on some occasions at large work gatherings we joked about how silly the concept was but just did our time to move on. There was one very funny moment when we initially arrived at that precinct for orientation:

We were in a group of about 10 new officers fresh out of our academy anxiously waiting for the next step. Recruits had a habit of comparing and analyzing every possible detail about each other (out of paranoia and fear). So we were all sitting there waiting for the Commander of Midtown Precinct to address us, and as you can imagine, we were all on edge. The Commander gives a brief introduction and mentions how uniform items for us new recruits had to be all of the same standard until we had proven ourselves, and not to try and get too flashy. Well, Dave happened to be wearing a handcuff holder that allowed the cuffs to dangle in an exposed fashion which we had all argued about earlier saying: “dude, someone is going to say something, you should use the regular case.” To which Dave responded: “Nah, its ok I saw other people with them”.

It would so happen the CO expanded upon his policy saying: “Like this gentleman for example (pointing at Dave) decided to upgrade his handcuff case, which will be fixed by tomorrow, right?” Dave just nodded very responsively and looked back with a mortified look and we all were giggling under our breath!”

~ B.B., NYPD

FullSizeRender 2

Graduation Day, NYPD

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