A Story: Easiest $20 Ever

“Destination Bar was the name of a bar that Dave and Mike urged me to come to with them one evening. It was a bar around Avenue B and E.13 Street. Dave told me how he met one of the owner’s while working and the guy insisted on coming to hang out, so I joined. It was a great night where Dave, Mike, I believe Mo and I, were drinking and the owners were personally pouring our drinks. All I can remember was just smiles from all of us, as the owners we were hanging out with, were having a great time and the whole experience was compliments of Dave, as always. Funny ending to that evening was that we wound up at a local diner and there was a super hot green sauce that Mo poured. Mike and Mo placed a bet to Dave for $20 that he wouldn’t drink a big spoon full of it. It took about 6 seconds for the bet to take place and Dave to drink the sauce, stating “easiest twenty bux ever”. I did have it on video but I’m sorry to say I cannot find it.”

~ B.B., NYPD


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