A Tribute: Becoming A Superhero

I received this lovely letter from a Euless PD officer. Thank you so much for sharing.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with your brother on a shift from Aug. 2015- Jan. 2016. I got to meet and start to know Marta and was so excited for them when they decided to adopt Mickey. I loved working on this shift with Hofer and Mo. The two of them kept me laughing and I always left them wondering if they would get in trouble for their locker room banter. (Hehehe) they never bothered me but it was the only power I had….. Anyway I wanted to let you know I am not on the bigger side (5’4″) but when Hofer #554 backed me I felt 10′ tall. It was like I had a secret identity and his presence made me a super hero. Seems strange but there are a few people you meet who just naturally stand so strong that it effects everyone in their circle. I know that my grief is not near what you, your family, Marta, or his close friends feel, but in his short time here in Euless he made a huge impact. I wrote the following when I was unable to sleep the other night, the idea that he hasn’t just moved to A shift is beginning to ring so loud in my ears that it is deafening. 

Time didn’t stand still as I wished it would.
I’m not ready to wake up from this nightmare even if I could.
I’m not ready to move forward.
Not ready to lose thought.
You stood so tall, I can’t let go of all the joy and laughter that you brought.
Time didn’t stand still the world keeps moving on.
There are already several after you that are now also gone.
I’m supposed to support them, show that I care.
I’m not ready to move forward.
Not ready for YOU to not be there.

I think of you all often and hope that we can share more time and stories together. 

Love always, 

Lyn G., #517, Euless PD

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