In Memory: 04/30/16

“I know some people dont like you because you give out tickets each day, but we all will remember ya’ll risk your lives for us each day. Once I watched this video, I never realized a tear roll down my cheaks like a angel coming from heavon to meet us. Police Officer…oh…Hofer you aren’t just a Police Officer, you risked your lives for innocent little kids and adults. Your in a better place called Hevean, as your up there can you tell my daddy I miss and love him, and tell him to be nice to you if not, you have the handcuffs.

Rest. In. Love
I may not know, but my dad up there can tell you all about me.
I will ask the man upstairs to make sure your family is safe as possible.
You have the handcuffs and we will make sure you will always do Hofer.
I’ve never seen my teacher ever cryed in my life, my teacher’s eyes were like a tiny river filler with tears and random kindness.”


A Story: Line of Duty Decorating Injuries

“As I sit and read all of these touching stories about how Dave impacted so many lives, I can’t help but smile. I met Dave about a year ago when I started working at American Airlines Credit Union in Euless, where he sometimes worked as an off-duty officer. Although, the off-duty job was removed in January, we still consider the EPOs our family. We learned so many new things about each and every one of them, like what they liked to do for fun and what their favorite food was – just silly stuff. We even have nicknames for a lot of them.

As for Dave, he was the officer that was always smiling with a book in his hand. When I first met Dave he seemed very quiet and shy but as I got to know him he was far from it! Dave was super sweet and always willing to help. He would help us decorate for what we call “spirit contests” and he would tease about the possibility of getting hurt on the job for hanging up cotton clouds haha. We only knew him for a short while but he is truly missed. We have his memorial picture hanging in the hallway at the branch to give us a bit of comfort. It had been a while since he last worked with us, so at least now we can see his picture and remember him cracking a joke behind his book. I speak for all of us at the credit union when I say that we will always remember him for each and every one of his great qualities.”

-Melody E., AAFCU-HTC


A Story: Bringing Fireball To The Big City

Remember how Dave and friends discovered Fireball Whiskey in Rangeley, Maine? Well, here’s the current theory about how Fireball then took over NYC.

“Some time after our trip to Maine (and our first introduction to Fireball), I went shopping somewhere and saw a bottle of Fireball. Since Dave was in love with this stuff, I bought him a bottle. The next time we met up I made sure I brought the bottle. This was right after he was done working out at the Crunch in Union Square and before he was a full time Bar None patron; so we went to Forum down the street. Dave met with the manager and someone else who I can’t remember but a friend none the less. Dave had to share his love of Fireball so much that he proceeded to give out samples of it to the Manager and a couple other bartenders at Forum. A few more samples and drinks later we went to Bar None. Of course Pam was there so she also got to try Fireball. Today, there is a cold Fireball shot dispenser at Bar None and you can find it everywhere in the city, so I feel that Dave was responsible for bringing Fireball to the people of New York…one more service he provided to the eight million people who live here and call this city home.”

~ Tim H., NYPD

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.50.36 PM

Proof of the Maine Fireball Discovery and Dave’s reaction


Fireball Shot Dispenser at Bar None. Coincidence? I think not.

In Memory: 04/28/16

Dear: Police
I hope that you are safe and sound I hope that you get better when you get sick and I am very proud that you have been standing up for us and I think you gys are the best
~ Natalie


A Story: Political Discussions A La Hofer

This ridiculous / hilarious post is by a fellow mathematician colleague of our dad’s. In fact, this happened just days before Dave was ambushed, when we all gathered in New Jersey to surprise our Dad for his 60th birthday. Hey, we all know Dave had an amazing sense of humor, so don’t judge! It’s not always about saving lives.

“David was always lots of fun to hang out with  and I always looked forward to his visits to Princeton.  I work with Dave’s dad at the Institute for Advanced Study, so while I know lots about math, I don’t know much about popular culture.  David always enjoys teasing his mom about her ultra liberal politics and we were discussing Trump and speculating why Christie came out in support of him the day before.  David told us he was convinced it was because Christie hoped Trump would make it illegal to discuss his moose knuckle.

I asked what this was, and David explained it was the male version of camel toe.  Being somewhat knowledgeable, I understood the camel toe reference, but neither did Helmut or Sonja.  I was then tasked with the job of explaining camel toe to them, with hilarity ensuing.  We then all googled for Christie’s moose knuckle, and found the image even more horrifying than we had imagined.

Naturally, Dave laughed somewhat maniacally as the expressions on our faces turned to horror and disgust.  Also, I should mention that throughout this fun political discussion Dave was wearing a red white and blue sequined cowboy hat, to underscore his unique perspective.

My mother in law is currently visiting this week, and the conversation turned to the ridiculous state of politics.  Without remembering why moose knuckle was on my brain, I showed her the picture of Christie.  My husband started to scold me for tormenting his mother, but I realized that this was the last thing that I learned from Dave.  This instantly got me off the hook – in exactly the same manner that Dave’s smile and laugh could.”

~ Jo N., Institute for Advanced Studies




A Tribute: On Valuing Bonds

“When it came time for Dave to go to Texas, I was sad to see him go but incredibly happy for him to start a new journey and new chapter in life. As is everything in life, things and friendships change. Unfortunately, the frequency of our interactions grew further apart and I had invested into a new relationship myself as life seemed to begin moving in a new direction. I still managed to keep a brief contact with Dave and exclaimed to him how awesome his proposal was and how difficult he made it for many men to follow lol.

I now find myself dealing with feeling and emotions I cannot say I’ve ever felt in my life and that I cannot contain. I know the feelings are due to how genuine and true of a person Dave was and how difficult it is to comprehend that he is no longer here. I have had relationships that have come and gone during my time in this life, but Dave was much, much different. He valued the people he had bonds with, no matter how short or how long. He would show genuine interest and simply wanted everyone and anyone to come together and enjoy one another’s company. Dave had a wonderful heart and I hope and believe he is now at rest, looking down at all the wonderful relationships he had and lives he touched.”

~ B.B., NYPD

In Memory: 04/26/16

“You never let us down and we love you so, so, so much. and you protect us all the time and you complete our city and bring it together. We love you! You are the best! back the blue!” ~ Adamm


Responses to “My Brother Was Killed Because He Wore A Uniform”

Through the almighty power of the internet (and low privacy restrictions on some accounts), I’ve been able to find some pretty amazing comments in regards to my recent article about Dave’s killing. Of course, it’s not all too surprising that there are many folks who support our officers whole-heartedly, but what I was more intrigued by was the responses who perhaps aren’t from typical supporters of our men and women in Blue. Check out this one (I redacted the names for privacy reasons).

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.05.27 PM.png

Or, what about this one?Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.09.14 PM.png

Please let me know if you find any more responses similar to these! I’d love to see them.