A Story: How To Save A Life

“Dave and I were partners for 2 years in a patrol car. Everyday we would make sure each other’s lives were safe. It’s been hard to think of one particular instance where I could explain to everyone what he was all about. But, we all know who he was and how he impacted everyone.

There was one time when we were on our way back from meeting with some higher-ups uptown. We were supposed to work overtime that night. When we returned to the precinct a job came over for a possible jumper a block away. It wasn’t our sector to cover but because we were so close, we took it. When we arrived we saw the man on the ledge. We pushed the doorbells to every apartment to try and get into the building. Finally, someone let us in. When we ran up the stairs and arrived at the roof door, we saw it was just us. I asked: “Should we go up, or wait till ESU comes?” Dave responded: “Lets just go, bro.” So, I said we should turn off the radios and be as silent as we can so we wouldn’t spook him. We were up on the roof just the 3 of us, and we jumped on him and pulled him off the ledge. He continued to fight until we had back up. But, we saved his life!

As the days went by, we were recommended for an award. The guys that came as back up and us were gonna get the same award but one night at a precinct function Dave voiced his opinion (like he always did) and was able to get just him and I the award. We wore the award above our shield till he left his city job. There’s nothing I relish more than to have been his partner for the time I was.

Fidelis ad Mortem, my brother.”

~ Mike L., NYPD


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