In Memory: 03/28/16

“I’m grateful for police officers because…
– they protect us they catch robbers
– It’s like he was a veteran officers like him stood up for us and made sure we were safe. I also feel grateful for officers like him because on my 6th birthday I had a car crash. The first people to come were the cops and I’m really gratefull for that. My mom got injured and she had to go to the ER.
– He was a grate prson and h’e helpd us from bad. Thank you for making Texas better!
– They keep us safe. And risk there lives to save other people .They also keep us from having accedents on the road.
– you help us when we are in danger and you protect us
you protect us from bad people and because you help cars that break down on the road.
–  they help me while were driving. And they proect me from bad guys.
– I’m grateful for the Police officers because I am safe
– they protect us, are helpful, they do everything for us, make us happy, They find thing if someone robbed it. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
– You keep us safe and you helped us in the evryday life and you can do evrything for ceeping us safe evry day thank you R.I.P.
– you protect us from all sorts of dangerouis people and thiings and that you help us everyday like helping us find lost things
he protected us from danger and helps us in the trafic. If there is a robbory you will come a save us.
– They protected are lives from bad people. They help us when it’s something important. They are very nice and helpful.
– Police Officer’s protects people from bad guys, and helps us drive safely down the road.
– they keep us safe, and protect us from bad. Police officers make people feel safe, and in thoughts. thanks for protecting us.
– you help us and wen we call you, you police officers imidetatly come and help us to the rescue.
– They protect us from dangoures sitwetions.
– Because police officers keep us safe from bad people. I am thankful for police officers because they keep us safe.
– They keep us safe and protect us from the bad people in our world.
– they help keep us safe.
– They protect the world from bad guys and inform us when we are driving too fast.
– They protect us from harmful things and risk there lives for us
– They keep us safe from bad guys and make shure that we are all safe. They also make sure that we are safe on the Rode.”

~ McSpedden Elem. – 3rd grade

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