A Tribute: Keeping On Keeping On

This letter was sent to a detective at the Euless PD by a community member recently. Some identifying information was redacted before posting. The letter is followed by the detective’s own thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing, detective.

Hi Detective XXX,
I just wanted to take a moment to say how deeply sorry I am to hear about Officer Hofer.  I remember meeting with him on XXX when I decided to press charges against XXX.  I was in a very bad place and my interaction with Officer Hofer brought me such comfort and hope.  His kindness toward me that day will always stay with me.  I pray for everyone he touched during this time.

On March 2, 2016, I received this email.  On that day, I was at work and trying to do my job, but I was struggling.  I felt very adrift.

To be honest, at that time I didn’t possess much patience for anything other than investigating Dave’s death.  Everything else seemed trivial.

This email, though, it cut through that.  It reminded me that it wasn’t just us, the people that knew Dave personally, that were feeling the loss.  Those lives he touched only briefly were mourning him too.

And it made me feel that I could keep doing this job, because I still want to make that kind of difference in people’s lives, just like Dave did.

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