A Story: The Fireball Discovery

“My first trip to Maine was in winter 2012. I arrived a day or two after Mo and Dave. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally reached the house.  When I entered, I was given this unknown magical elixir of which I had never seen nor heard of before. This magical potion was none other than Fireball Whisky. At this time, it still wasn’t very popular and none of us had ever heard of it before and the only place we knew of that sold it was the IGA in Rangeley, Maine. Needless to say we wound up drinking what was left of that bottle and much to our dismay had no more. The next morning and every day after we took the roughly 25 minute drive to the grocery store to clean out their supply of Fireball. It was so bad that we actually had to wait for the delivery to come in one day. The entire supply of Fireball in Rangeley was consumed by the six of us staying at the house that week.”

~ Tim H., NYPD

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