A Story: Spotting Drugs & Eating Well

“So, my fav story with Dave wasn’t at a bar (shocker!). It was when we first got to the 9th together. We would ride together and he would tell me: “Damn, Izzy, how do you spot people doing drugs like that?!” I would tell him when you work in Brooklyn you become good at that. Then, he would say: “Ok you’re good at that, but your eating habits are horrible and you need to lose weight now” (as I stuff my face with Chinese food)! Soon after that my working out with him started. He would make me meet him on my days off at Crunch gym. Because of him I went down from 285 to 200 lbs. Hofer was more than just a cop. He was a friend. There aren’t words to describe him. Hofer was an angel. Off the record lol.”

~ Izzy S., NYPD


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