A Story: A Family’s Tragedy

I would like to preface this story to extend my deepest gratitude to its author. Euless resident Lee Gilby shared a very painful memory to show the impact that David made as the Gilby family had to come to terms with the tragic loss of their son. Lee allowed me to post this in honor of David and in memory of his son. Thank you, Gilby family, and much love.

Thank you also to all our wonderful police officers who are out there doing tremendous work in extremely difficult situations. You make a difference every day.

My name is Lee Gilby and I am a long time resident of Euless,TX.  I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother under such tragic circumstances.  I know our mayor Linda Martin and she had indicated that you were looking for stories from people that had encountered your brother in the line of duty or simply just wanted to share a story.

My family’s such encounter with your brother though now over a year and half ago is still very fresh in our minds and extremely difficult to put to paper.  My son Brian Gilby took his own life in October 2014 while I was away on business in Detroit.  My wife who was a 5th grade teacher at the time discovered our son when she came home that afternoon.

When I heard of the shooting in Euless and eventually saw a picture of your brother, it brought back a lot of memories and emotions that we as a family deal with on a daily basis. I showed a picture of your brother to my wife and she turned pale white.  You see, your brother was one of the first officers to respond to our home that afternoon and I cannot begin to express the caring and consideration that he showed my wife under such tragic circumstances. I now understand that he was a relatively new officer to our community at that time and I believe his actions go toward describing the type of individual he was.

My wife indicated that your brother stayed with her until the detectives arrived at our home and made sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed while being able to contact myself and other close relatives.  I was able to get back to Euless late that evening and I cannot express the gratitude that I have for the entire Euless police department in how my family was treated.

Your brother was kind enough to come by our house a couple days later as a follow up to just see how we were managing under the circumstances.  It is those little acts of kindness that tend to go unnoticed until we hear tragic news happening to those around us.

I know the pain of losing someone close under tragic circumstances and I would like to share with you something that was shared with me through the grief process.  Time does not heal the pain.  The pain you feel at the loss will never diminish but every day you will get stronger in how you deal and cope with that pain.

Your family is in our Prayers,

Lee Gilby

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