A Thought: Changing Lives

One of the Euless Police Department officers who took care of us in the aftermath of Dave’s death sent me a screenshot of a comment made on the EPD Facebook page. It was written by a Jacob W. and reads:

“Hofer was a cool guy he helped me get on the right path when i got in trouble gave me some good advice! he sat in the hospital with me as I was getting checked out he let me make phone calls to my job and my mother seemed to me he cared for people no matter if your in the wrong !! Thank you officer Hofer for opening my eyes my life has changed!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 10.40.39 AM


We probably won’t ever know what my brother said to Jacob or how his words led him to rethink the path that he was on, but it’s clear that Dave left an impression and as a result Jacob’s life became more positive and the community safer as well.

It is very sad to think about how the media portrays law enforcement these days. We only see two images: a cop getting killed or a cop behaving badly. But, what about all those other moments? What about the little moments that entail most of the officer’s day, that may not be “newsworthy” but that are so, so, so important?

The police answers millions of calls a day in order to keep our communities safe. Why don’t we hear about the officer who takes some of his hard-earned money to buy a person in need a meal? Or, about the officer who gives a homeless man a pair of his boots or calms a frightened child in her arms when responding to a difficult call?

I wish there were an easy answer to this problem.

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