A Story: A Case of Mistaken Identity

 “It was only when we arrived at the 9th Precinct that I was able develop a stronger bond and friendship with Dave. We all wound up working together on the 4×12 patrol shift which will remain in my memory forever.

On one occasion, Ryan and I were patrolling on Bleecker street, and out came a guy running up to the police car from Bleecker street bar screaming, “DAVE, DAVE, DAVE HOFER MAN!!” The man was yelling at me and initially I thought who was this crazy guy but it quickly dawned on me that the guy mistook me for Dave and we started laughing. Once he realized this, the guy said “Do you know Dave Hofer man??” (in a drunken high pitched voice), to which we responded, “of course he’s our friend” and we told the guy we would say hello for him. It was already clear to me but even more so at this point, that Dave was just a truly friendly soul who was able to befriend anyone, including this man who came out with such extreme level of excitement and energy for Dave when he had merely met him one night at the bar.”

~ B.B., NYPD


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