A Story: About Guns and Wheelchairs

Dave and I were each other’s backup partners, where we were always with each other when our steady companions were not at work.  One particular day, while working together, Dave and I received a call of a man in possession of a firearm.  Together with two other officers, the four of us found our perpetrator…

…rolling down the block in a wheelchair.  

However, he did have a firearm on his hip, discovered by one officer while David and I kept him covered (for his safety)!  Our eyes lit up, and it was determined that David and I would be the formal arresting officers.

Upon returning back to the precinct, it was discovered that the perpetrator also had a rather large dagger hidden underneath the seat cushion of his wheelchair.  He was up to no good, though he was a gentleman to David and I, and especially Dave, who humored him like a pro.  When it came down to decide who would be the one to write their name on all arresting paper-work (and have it in our database as the arresting officer), Dave and I couldn’t come to an agreement.  I asked, “Hey, tomorrow is my birthday, so maaayyyybe you’ll show compassion and let me take it?”  

Dave responded, in an ever classy way, “No, f— that, I’ll show compassion by buying you a beer tomorrow.  As for now, I have six-months seniority over you, so this is my collar.”

I found it hysterical, and I still do.  Dave and I couldn’t care less about who would take an arrest.  His goal, though, like many officers, was to take illegal firearms off of the streets, and he finally had his opportunity presented to him.  They are the golden standard of policing, and a giant accolade to achieve.  I was more than happy to just be there with him and receive credit as well.

We were both honored the next month as Cops of the Month for May 2013 by the 9th precinct because of it.  It was the best collar of my career, and I’ll never forget that I was with Officer David Hofer for his very first (and only) gun-collar in the NYPD.

And yes, true to his word, Dave bought me a beer the very next day.

I love you, broski.

-Bryan R


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