A Story: A Hobby in Common

“There was a time where Dave and I discovered a hobby that we had in common, that is not the most traditional in a Police work place. I was discussing building a new computer for gaming with a colleague when Dave chimed in and explained how he had a gaming computer himself. We shared tips and spoke about certain parts for a little while and on many occasions after that. He actually was trying to get me to play a newer game called “Skyrim” which I was very close to buying because he explained how detailed the graphics were and how great the gameplay was. I eventually had the misfortune of losing my house to Hurricane Sandy and was really upset because I had just built the brand new computer we were discussing. He knew I lost the computer I built and insisted I take the one he had as a replacement. I was unable to continue gaming at that point in life due to the circumstances, but I noted to myself, how selfless, honest and caring a soul Dave truly was to offer me something that he knew would help my situation without any hesitation.”

~ B.B., NYPD


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