A Story: A Hot Mess

“I met Dave a couple of years ago at Crunch Union Square, right when he was finishing up the police academy. He came in to train and I was assigned to be his trainer. We hit it off the minute we met. He was one of the funniest and sweetest people I’ve ever known. Our training sessions were always a ton of fun; our conversations were always full of jokes and laughs. I used to nag him about his flexibility and tell him he needed to roll/stretch more frequently or do some yoga. He would respond to his by saying “guys don’t stretch or do yoga…if you make me do that I’m never going to get a girl.” He would follow that with “I’m too big to do yoga or foam roll! I’ll look ridiculous!”

Finally one day I managed to persuade him in to doing Bikram yoga to help his situation. The day of the class he showed up with Jared [now brother-in-law] for moral support! It was a 90-minute class. He tried his best, but it was as he predicted it would be, a hot mess: way too long for such an inflexible person to hold poses and stretch. It was, honestly, hysterical to watch! He hated every minute of it! After the class, he complained of what he called “areas that were stretched that should never be stretched.” Then he said: “See! I told you this wasn’t a good idea!”

This is just one of the many Dave moments I will cherish and remember.

To his family I say:
You raised an incredible human being that touched many lives and will never be forgotten. He will live on in our hearts and memories forever!

Dave, I’ll see you on the other side!

Paola L., former Personal Trainer & Friend


Dave always did better with weights than yoga.

A Story: How To Save A Life

“Dave and I were partners for 2 years in a patrol car. Everyday we would make sure each other’s lives were safe. It’s been hard to think of one particular instance where I could explain to everyone what he was all about. But, we all know who he was and how he impacted everyone.

There was one time when we were on our way back from meeting with some higher-ups uptown. We were supposed to work overtime that night. When we returned to the precinct a job came over for a possible jumper a block away. It wasn’t our sector to cover but because we were so close, we took it. When we arrived we saw the man on the ledge. We pushed the doorbells to every apartment to try and get into the building. Finally, someone let us in. When we ran up the stairs and arrived at the roof door, we saw it was just us. I asked: “Should we go up, or wait till ESU comes?” Dave responded: “Lets just go, bro.” So, I said we should turn off the radios and be as silent as we can so we wouldn’t spook him. We were up on the roof just the 3 of us, and we jumped on him and pulled him off the ledge. He continued to fight until we had back up. But, we saved his life!

As the days went by, we were recommended for an award. The guys that came as back up and us were gonna get the same award but one night at a precinct function Dave voiced his opinion (like he always did) and was able to get just him and I the award. We wore the award above our shield till he left his city job. There’s nothing I relish more than to have been his partner for the time I was.

Fidelis ad Mortem, my brother.”

~ Mike L., NYPD


In Memory: 03/30/16

“Dear Euless Police Department,

Are class wants to thank you so so much for keeping us safe. every one loves police because you guys save us and and you help us when a rober comes in. Thanks a lot again for keeping us safe and sound hope you are haveing a great time be safe also have a good day. Love, Alex”

A Tribute: Fort Worth Officer Down 5K

A letter from an officer of the North Richland Hills PD.

Dear Hofer Family,

I did not know David, nor did I ever get the opportunity to meet him prior to his End of Watch. Regardless of having not met him, I have been saddened by his loss.

I am a police officer for the North Richland Hills PD, which is identical in size to Euless PD. Between North Richland Hills and Euless there are 2 cities all similar in size and demographics.

Although I wear a different badge than David and I may not be blood related to him, he will always be my brother.

I was lucky to attend the service held for David at the Pennington Stadium in Bedford. I learned so much about him from listening to his loved ones speak of him and listening to his fellow officers tell stories about him. I learned so much that I felt like I somewhat knew David. I somewhat knew how much of a difference he made in each community and how much of an influence he had on the lives he touched everyday. David is irreplaceable and the man he was is the person each of us should strive to be day in and day out.

To honor David, officers from Euless and other surrounding departments ran the Fort Worth Officer Down 5K with his name on our shirts. We ran for him.

Losing David has been a reminder to me as well as my fellow officers that we have to stick together through this. Losing someone will never be easy, but there is peace in knowing he is with you always.

I am sending this e-mail as a reminder to you that we have your back. You will never have to go through this alone. We may not be blood, but we are family.

I send you my love and the courage to keep going.


Grace W., North Richland Hills PD #842

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A Story: My Safety Net

A couple of days ago, I had the urge to flip through Dave’s old yearbooks. I picked out a few of the pictures to include in this post. Dave and I went to the same school when we moved to NYC in the 1997 (from Switzerland). Dave started the 5th grade, and I started high school. I think Dave had an easier adjustment than me, since I’d had a pretty hard time being bullied in middle school. I remember that when we first moved, I was so scared of everyone that Dave and I would eat lunch together, sitting on the 8th floor of our school, by some lockers. (Of course, I’d convinced myself that I was having lunch with him for HIS sake, since I was worried about him starting out in a new school.) This went on for a couple of weeks until Dave was ready to hang out with his classmates, and so left me no choice but to get out there too. My fears ended up being  completely unfounded and my years in St. Ann’s were amazing, but I’ll never forget how much I relied on him those first few weeks at a new school.

In fact, that’s pretty much the story of Dave’s and my relationship: we were each other’s support. 100%. Every. Day. Before moving to NYC, we moved from one country to the next every 2-4 years, so the only constant other than our parents was each other (Boris stayed in Germany to finish school when we moved to Switzerland, so after I turned 10 and Dave turned 7, we never lived in the same place together). As we grew up, we developed different ways of thinking about a lot of things, but at the core of our relationship that never mattered: we listened to each other; we debated each other; we could call each other out on any nonsense; we helped each other no matter what the issue. We were each other’s safety net, always.

(Though I did get pretty mad that one time he read my diary and reported its contents back to my parents “because he was worried” about me, haha.)


The Jokester (7th Grade)


Sibling Photo (I was a senior, Dave in 8th grade)


11th Grade


12th Grade

A Story: You Are Euless Now!

“Kind of a little funny story that I’d like to share with everyone.  We have a pizza place here in Euless called ‘NYPD.’  So when Dave would mark out to NYPD for a break, he’d call out his unit number is “enroute to NYPD for a 60”.   I would immediately send a talk message him and say “NO YOU AINT!!!  YOU ARE EULESS’ NOW!”   He’d always do a “lol” and he’d chuckle when he saw me later.

Sure do miss him. God Bless & miss you “Bro”

~ Jim H., Euless PD Detention


In Memory: 03/28/16

“I’m grateful for police officers because…
– they protect us they catch robbers
– It’s like he was a veteran officers like him stood up for us and made sure we were safe. I also feel grateful for officers like him because on my 6th birthday I had a car crash. The first people to come were the cops and I’m really gratefull for that. My mom got injured and she had to go to the ER.
– He was a grate prson and h’e helpd us from bad. Thank you for making Texas better!
– They keep us safe. And risk there lives to save other people .They also keep us from having accedents on the road.
– you help us when we are in danger and you protect us
you protect us from bad people and because you help cars that break down on the road.
–  they help me while were driving. And they proect me from bad guys.
– I’m grateful for the Police officers because I am safe
– they protect us, are helpful, they do everything for us, make us happy, They find thing if someone robbed it. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
– You keep us safe and you helped us in the evryday life and you can do evrything for ceeping us safe evry day thank you R.I.P.
– you protect us from all sorts of dangerouis people and thiings and that you help us everyday like helping us find lost things
he protected us from danger and helps us in the trafic. If there is a robbory you will come a save us.
– They protected are lives from bad people. They help us when it’s something important. They are very nice and helpful.
– Police Officer’s protects people from bad guys, and helps us drive safely down the road.
– they keep us safe, and protect us from bad. Police officers make people feel safe, and in thoughts. thanks for protecting us.
– you help us and wen we call you, you police officers imidetatly come and help us to the rescue.
– They protect us from dangoures sitwetions.
– Because police officers keep us safe from bad people. I am thankful for police officers because they keep us safe.
– They keep us safe and protect us from the bad people in our world.
– they help keep us safe.
– They protect the world from bad guys and inform us when we are driving too fast.
– They protect us from harmful things and risk there lives for us
– They keep us safe from bad guys and make shure that we are all safe. They also make sure that we are safe on the Rode.”

~ McSpedden Elem. – 3rd grade

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